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About us

The preparation committee of the National Kaohsiung Institute of Technology was established on July 1, 1993 and

started enrolling students two years later when the National Kaohsiung Institute of Technology was established. On

July 1 1998 the school name was changed to the National Kaohsiung First University of Science and Technology.The

accounting office has always been established according torelevant regulations through these years.


To assist with the progress of academic affairs, enhancement of teaching quality and the promotion of school affairs.


 NET6 Composition of annual budgets and distribution of budgets.

 NET6 Verification of the source documents.

 NET6 Composition of slips and account books.

 NET6 Composition of various financial statements.

 NET6 Application for budget reservation.

 NET6 Management , preservation and submission for review of the source documents , slips and financial statements.

 NET6 Supervision over the cases of construction, maintenance and purchase.

 NET6 Execution of internal audit.

 NET6 Composition of statistical statements.

 NET6 Suggestion about the improvement of financial efficiency and the deduction of non-economical expenses.

 NET6 Transaction of general offical documents and interim affairs.


 NET6 Computerization of accounting matters.

 NET6 Establishment of the accounting system for school affair fund.

 NET6 Intensification of internal financial control.

 NET6 Improving efficiency of management accounting.